Voter Info

On Saturday October 20th, there will be 3 Cortes voting stations:

  1. Gorge Hall

  2. Cortes School

  3. Klahoose Hall

As well as at the Strathcona Regional District from 8am to 8pm in all locations.

You are eligible to vote if:

  • you are a Canadian citizen;

  • you have been a resident of B.C. for the past 6 months;

  • you have been a resident in the voting jurisdiction for the past 30 days;

  • you are age 18 or older or, you will be turning 18 on or before general voting day for the next election; and

  • you are not disqualified by any enhancement from voting in an election or otherwise disqualified by law.

General Voting Day is October 20th, and polling booths will be on Cortes. For anyone who will not be here on election day, there will be one advance poll at the SRD office on Wednesday, October 10, and Thursday, October 18, or you can request a mail-in ballot...

There are two steps for anyone who will not be here on voting day and wants a mail in ballot:

1. First you need to be on the voters list. I have the list and can check for individuals. If someone is NOT on the voters list, they must either produce 2 pieces of ID** at the polling station (Cortes School) OR fill out ONE of the voter registration forms BELOW. 

- If this person is a resident of Cortes (meaning this is the place they get mail and would return to after a time away) then fill in the resident elector form

- If the person in NOT a Cortes resident but IS a Cortes property owner AND a Canadian citizen AND resident of BC, then fill in the non-resident property elector form.

2. Second, they need to fill in the MAIL-IN ballot application form BELOW

Where it says "Please include the following ballots in my mail ballot package: " write "all ballots to which I am entitled " to get the Regional Director ballot as well as the 2 referendum questions (hall tax and first responder tax).

*All forms MUST BE COMPLETE and SIGNED and mailed or emailed back to the SRD. (To email, scan or photograph the completed forms and email them to the SRD - all contact info is on the bottom of the form.)

**The Local Government Act requires applicants registering at the time of voting to produce two documents as evidence of their identity and place of residence, at least one of which must include the applicant’s signature. The applicant may make a solemn declaration as to the applicant’s place of residence if documentary evidence is not available.

For further info see: